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Vehicle Security

Vehicle Security

It has been reported that more than 100,000 vehicles are stolen every year and that it is on the increase due to the current economic crisis.

Alarm Systems

The market is flooded with different alarm systems. Here at STR we pride ourselves in using the highest quality alarm systems such as Clifford and Viper with all alarms fitted by trained and approved installers.

Varying systems are available from base models right through to Thatcham Approved CAT 1 pager systems with insurance certificates supplied.

Remote engine start facility is also available for the summer days this starts your vehicle and the air conditioning. In the winter months this starts your vehicle and the heating both enhancing your comfort before you set out on a journey.

Catalytic Protection

New legislation coming into effect in 2012 states that any vehicle of a certain age will require a very expensive catalytic converter this is already an increasing area of crime as catalytic converters are targeted for their scrap value.

Did you know that it typically takes just 60 seconds to steal a catalytic converter? But with the Armacat system installed, the thief is presented with a tough task of removing this security devise as this can only be removed with special tools and takes a considerable amount of time.

Dead Locks For Vans

Thatcham approved and accredited with options including:

  • Slam Locks - Lock every time you shut the door (recommended for the rear of vans)
  • Deadlocks - is a mechanical device fitted to a vehicle door. This is a strong visual deterrent. It is impossible to dislodge. A system can be fitted with one key for multi - lock fitting.

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